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      1. SparkPost in Financial Services

        SparkPost’s technical and business operations demonstrate a mature security culture that underlies every aspect of our technical architecture, how we handle customer data, and our operational practices.

        Delivering Reliable Security for Financial Services

        and Privacy

        Security and privacy are paramount in all we do. We integrate data protection into the design and implementation of all of our products.

        and Compliance

        We stay up to date on all regulations and compliance matters so that you don’t have to worry about your brand being impersonated and are GDPR and SOC2 Type II compliant.

        Flexibility for the Future

        Whether you’re sending transactional, triggered, or promotional messages, our deliverability experts will help you craft a holistic email strategy that covers the entire customer lifecycle.

        Consumer expectations of what they should get from a financial services provider are changing.

        Rob Alexander
        CIO, Capital One

        Email Strategies Worth Investing In

        Email 101 for Financial Services

        SparkPost has helped us ensure that transactional notifications are a reliable part of our customer-facing business processes.

        Shivani Rawat
        Senior Developer and Team Lead, Guardian Life Insurance

        Unified Messaging and Notifications Improve Customer Experience

        Sending Personal Health Information with SparkPost

        Ready to Learn More?